steve harris is an avid adventurer,

outdoorsman, seeker of empty surf, tacky single track, and sometimes solitude.

harris' career has taken him around the globe more than once, he's lived in exotic locations far and abroad, and now calls texas home, again.


schooled at parsons school of design, paris, and the world, he continues to see things uniquely and thinks not only of solutions, but of problems that could turn into beautiful images.


2007 saw the publication of his first book, "texas troubadours" by university of texas press, austin. he is currently seeking a publisher for another project, entitled "south", which is a travel log of sorts, about roaming south of the border for waves, people, and environments, and lending a supporting hand wherever needed.

you'll find steve happily married to his lovely wife, gisele, with their  four children, sheriff, archer, ransom, and holland, and a few dogs herding the brood.

contact: 713.385.9055

IG: steveharris1960

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